Tuesday, September 6, 2011

zippy pouch giveaway winners!

And the two winners of the Vintage Zippy Pouches are:

#2 - gyoza*girl said...
bribery is good. i just "liked" your link on FB and "follow" your blog! :)

#6 - gill said...

I love your zippered pouches! I really must master the art of zips!!

Summer has definitely gone in my part of the UK - the leaves are changing colour and the nights are really drawing in! Roll on Spring I say - my favourite season!

Congratulations and thanks for entering my giveaway! Head on over to the shop to pick one of the available pouches and email me at melissa@ohhellorabbit.com with your choice along with your mailing address.


  1. Yippee!!
    Melissa I will email you shortly!
    Congratulations to gyoza girl too

  2. ooh, thanks so much Oh Hello Rabbit! :) exciting!! and congrats to you too gill! :)