Sunday, August 12, 2012

the velveteen throw

A few months back, I made a cozy velveteen throw using a tutorial by Alewives Fabrics. I was originally going to buy the whole kit from their shop on the East coast, but shipping (especially for the wool batting) was crazy expensive to Canada, so I (very luckily) managed to find the velveteen and wool batting locally. There used to be instructions for how to make the throw right on the Alewives website but I can't seem to find it now. Just the listing for the kit..

The throw was super simple to put together. However, being very new to quilting, I did struggle a bit trying to sandwich everything together and keeping it all lined up nicely while I sewed it together.

The fabrics I used are both from Anna Maria Horner -  the velveteen is Summer Totem in Emerald, and the voile is Little Honey in Meadow. The batting is a washable wool batting I found at my local Fabricana. I quilted the throw with embroidery floss ties which I rather randomly placed throughout the throw. Being so light and cozy, this throw has been very well loved, even through the summer months. 

I love this throw so much I decided to make another one for my big sis who lives on the opposite end of the continent from us, but is arriving today for a week long visit (YAY!!) I used the same velveteen in Summer Totem, and the voile is Pastry Line in Saffron.

Velveteen Throw

This time, instead of tying the quilt, I used a tack stitch throughout (every 6 1/2") which is actually what is suggested in this very similar lap duvet tutorial by The Purl Bee. I definitely prefer the tack stitch to the ties as they were quicker to do and look much tidier and secure then my ties (which I'm sure were not done properly in the first place). I also added a little hanging tab made from some scrap fabric that was used in the packaging for a craft kit I bought from Smoking Lily.

Velveteen throw tack stitch

Velveteen throw

I hope she likes it!

x melissa


  1. I love the fabrics you've used!

  2. Those fabrics are beautiful together! I love that velveteen and am considering using it as the back of a quilt I'm working on.