Saturday, March 30, 2013


I'm not much of a knitter, although my mom is pretty amazing at it so you'd think there should be some knitty genes in me.. But since I'm a bit of a fiber addict, all those gorgeous yarns tend to draw me in every now and then.


Now as my man very blatantly pointed out to me, I don't wear hats. (I'm usually fidgeting with, complaining about or criticizing whatever's on my head), but I really liked the simplicity of the style and the slouchy, relaxed fit. This was my kind of hat!

So I bought the pattern and yarn then proceeded to stash it away for over half a year. It wasn't until fate led me to this lady (blogger, sewist, knitter and hat maker extraordinaire) who nudged me with some friendly words of encouragement, that I decided to go forth and actually make this hat (thanks again Kate :)) And I just might wear this one!

For this version (and there will be many more!) I pretty much copied the colour scheme from Jenny's blog. I even got my East coast dwelling sister to bring over some of the elusive Brooklyn Tweeds yarn that was recommended but is pretty much impossible to find on this side of the continent. This 'test' version, however, was made with Louet Gems 100% merino wool (superwash) in pure white and pewter (two strands held together) which I purchased at my local yarn shop. I was actually expecting more of a speckled look but I guess however way I held my yarn, it turned out more patchy then speckley. I actually like how this looks and think it's kind of fun to look for 'pictures' in the pattern (I see the face of a small dog, perhaps a schnauzer, in the above picture :))


I pretty much followed the pattern without any changes except for leaving off the little loopy thing at the top which is actually really cute and I should add it later on. I just wanted to finish my hat in time for the windy ferry ride I was going on last week.  


So now, as the freezy cold weather and rain seem to have let up and spring has finally arrived on the West coast, I seem to be a wee bit addicted to knitting hats. And after seeing Kate's Jul, I promptly went out and bought that pattern and more yarn (super soft alpaca this time!) and cast on for another hat. 

melissa x


  1. Hey you, it looks amazing. Thanks for the mention, I'm not sure you could really call me a hat maker extraordinaire though, more like an addict who needs another hat like a hole in the head. Mind you, I have just made yet one more .. I think you'll like that one too when I find the time to post it, so keep visiting that LYS!
    Well done, Melissa, I'm so pleased you got it done and you love it .. and here's to many, many more :D
    Enjoy the sunshine.
    Kate x

    1. You ARE hat maker extraordinaire in my books :)

    2. Just seen this lovely reply today. Mwah :) :)

  2. Whoa nice job!! Yay for hand knit hats!!