Wednesday, July 13, 2011

colourful carrots and some new skirts

We made it out to the Thornton Park farmer's market today BEFORE the rain hit this time (ahhh, gotta love these West coast summers...) Lil' C and I stocked up on beautiful cabbage, beets, yellow beans, tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, apple chips, and these awesome colourful carrots! (please ignore the pile of dishes in the sink. I tidied those up right after I took this photo. Honest!) Then I proceeded to cook a lovely supper of farm fresh veggies and organic chicken which, by the way, MY KIDS ACTUALLY ATE (after slathering it in ketchup..)! Yay! We are making some progress on the food front. By the way, after writing that post, I read this book to my kiddos and it made me smile! Feeling pretty lucky that I only have two silly eaters and not seven :)

Also, I am slowly but surely adding some new things to the shop

A girl can never have too many skirts!

(FYI, some 'ready to ship' items are now on sale in the shop. Go on and check them out!)

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