Tuesday, July 5, 2011

one of 'those' days..

I'm having one of 'those' days where my patience is quickly running out. Seriously. Tantrums galore! Bickering, attitude, throwing stuff (like plates of mac & cheese).. We are full on into the terrible twos AND the terrible (almost) fours. No one tells you about any terribleness after the twos... I was a bit late in the game for registering for summer programs and camps and so even though we are getting outside and running around every day, I think they might be getting a little stir crazy spending most of our time in and around our house. I will definitely have to start planning out my days and weeks with activities to keep us all sane. Breathe in rainbows, breathe out stress..

So, since I'm feeling a bit scatterbrained right now, I thought I would share some random things that ARE making me happy right now:


-we made it out to the Kitsilano beach on the weekend and dug huge holes in the sand while some guy played guitar and sang Neil Young behind us. LOVE that sort of thing :)

-the postal strike is over and all my poor little packages that were being held hostage are coming home to me!

-have you heard of (or possibly already follow) the blog oh, hello friend? (yes I know, similar name, but it wasn't my intention to 'copy' her blog name. I do have a very good reason for choosing my name which I might share sometime down the road). Anyway, it's a really sweet blog which is usually full of lovely, happy things. And, she is now doing something called Good Cheer Deals which is sort of like a group buying thing. (Ok, this is becoming a long random thought..) Well, there have been some really good shops and goodies featured on Good Cheer Deals like this. I've been coveting these super cool totes for a while now and haven't yet ordered one, but I am sooooo tempted...

-my friend Jenn (who crochets like a mad woman and I've mentioned her before over here) is having a giveaway over on her blog. Go on over check out her crocheted milkshake and burger set. I definitely say 'cheers!' to free stuff and to 'healthy' fast food!

-I finally ordered some Heather Ross FFA3 and now am very impatiently awaiting it's arrival!

-everything about this blog makes me smile. A LOT :)

(by the way, you may have noticed the orange mac & cheese on the floor in the above picture. I know I don't have to justify the 'boxed orange food item' but I'm going to. My son at age 2 1/2 decided that this said 'boxed orange food item' was the GOOD macaroni and cheese, and deemed my healthy homemade kind the BAD macaroni and cheese. After altering my recipe and trying to convince him that mine was actually pretty good, I finally gave up and gave in. He is also currently eating a bowl of dry Cheerios for supper because he's disgusted in my yummy homemade lasagna. Sigh.)

(also, I really have been sewing and crafting lately although I don't have too much to show you right now. I will hopefully get some crafty stuff up on this blog again soon as well as a formal introduction to the little critters that have been poking around..)


  1. My girls are the same way. I'm at a 100% failure for dinners and lunches these days which results in cheerios for all meals, sometimes toasted bagels with jam, or white rice with soy sauce. Double sigh.

  2. You are an awesome Mommy M. Persevere. Persevere. Persevere. xo