Friday, January 20, 2012

a cozy dress

I think I bought this pattern about a year and a half ago but sort of 'tucked' it away and forgot about it, until last week. As with most everyone else on the west coast, we finally got hit with our winter snow and below 0 temperatures. So I finally dug up this pattern along with some turquoise fleece from my stash.

This was such an easy dress to whip up and oh so comfy and warm. I haven't totally finished the dress yet as I wanted C to try it on to make sure it fit. It's missing the cowl neck and the sleeves and hem are unfinished, but once C got it on, she didn't want to take it off. And she actually wanted to pose for some photos so I didn't object.

Who wouldn't want to snuggle up in a fuzzy, warm fleece dress? And now I'm eyeing this pattern for myself..