Monday, January 9, 2012

Wiksten Tank muslin

Sewing Project #1 - Wiksten Tank Top, a hand-drawn sewing pattern by Jenny Gordy. (Full disclaimer here that this is a pretty pricey pattern. But in my opinion, especially after sewing it up, it's totally worth it! I love the cut and the simplicity of it and can definitely see myself making many more of these tops and dresses in a bazillion different fabrics.)

Fabric - Cotton poplin (for my test-run, wearable muslin)

Inspiration - herehere and here (actually, I think I pretty much love most versions I've seen so far. The dress version, included in the pattern, is also super cute and is definitely on my to-do list)

I'm thinking this might be one of the quickest, most satisfying sewing projects I've come across so far! (Sorry about the bad, glaring lighting in these pictures. I'm going to add 'Take Better Pictures' in my list of goals for 2012.)

I'm not sure if this actually qualifies as a muslin as I made it complete with all the little details so it's absolutely wearable. That's one of my problems with doing up muslins (other than just being lazy). It  feels like it's a waste of fabric, which I know deep in my heart it really isn't because it could prevent total disaster with your good fabric. (There's actually a great post about when to sew up a muslin over here.) So, determined to do a 'test run' to make sure the sizing was ok, I decided to use some inexpensive fabric I had lying around in my stash. I used a cream coloured cotton poplin with tiny grayish dots that I got on sale at Fabricland (maybe $6/meter..), and aside from a few, very minor fitting issues, I really do love how this turned out!

I wasn't sure if I liked how much the tank flared at the bottom as it looked to me to be a little 'tent-y'. I think this might be due to the fact that I have pretty small hips for my size. My body measurements are all about a size medium, edging on a large, but my hips measure a size small. I'm also pretty sure it just has to do with how this particular fabric drapes. But after wearing the tank out yesterday (and the day before..), I've decided I like the roominess in the body so I'm going to keep it as is. I would definitely still like to try this with a softer, more flow-y fabric though, and I think the nani IRO double gauze I have lined up for my 'good' version of this tank will drape a bit nicer. My other issue was how the fabric 'sat up' at the back neck. Again, pretty sure this has more to do with my body than with the pattern. I think I hunch a bit (or maybe a lot!) and I have a bit of a strange curve at the base of my neck. I might try taking in the back a bit to close the gap.

And this is how I'll be wearing this tank for the next 5 months or so.. wrapped up on a chunky wool sweater and boots! Next up, the 'good' version of the Wiksten tank in Nani IRO Saaaa Saaa..

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  1. It's adorable. I was eying up Karyn's Paris map one the other day, too.... Just bought one of those Japanese dress books from her, and am thinking I should try my hand at sewing clothes for myself!