Tuesday, January 10, 2012


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Ok, I've totally lost my mind and have decided to join a quilt-along hosted by Katy over at Monkey Do. Didn't I just purchase about a dozen new patterns over the holidays that I told myself I would absolutely sew up this year? Yes. Didn't I say that my focus this year would be on garment sewing? Yes. Do I enjoy sleep? Yes. Have I ever completed a quilt? Well, technically yes. But it was before I knew anything about quilting, so I basically just sewed a bunch of fabrics from a jelly roll together and sandwiched it with some batting, bought pre-packaged biased tape and zipped the whole thing through my machine so fast that some of the binding didn't even catch in the stitches. Don't get me wrong. I made this quilt for my son while I was still pregnant, and I really love it even though it's falling apart. But I do want to make a REAL quilt. And this is what drew me in..
16" scrappy Swoon blocks made with charm squares

So pretty, right?? I spent the last few days trying to figure out my colours/theme. I ended up just picking and choosing individual FQs (18 total!!) which nearly did me in. I buy most of my fabric online so I've been switching back and forth between thumbnails of fabric swatches on my computer monitor and my teeny tiny iPhone screen, trying to decide what goes with what. I would have just bought a pre-matched FQ bundle but I had a specific theme in mind that I couldn't quite find in a pre-cut bundle. And my theme was inspired by..

...cleaning products by my kitchen sink! Aqua/Turquoise-y blue and peachy/tangerine orange (with some hot pink, fresh green and sunshiny yellow thrown in). I'm attempting a summery-sorbet-picnic theme. Now I just have to wait 2-3 weeks for the mailman to bring me my fabric. Torture!! Anyone else doing a quilt-along this spring? How do you usually go about choosing your fabrics? 

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  1. I hate the wait for fabric, too! The one crappy thing about living north of the border! But well worth the savings buy shopping in the US.

    Hey, there is a tangerine quilt along, too, so you can do a double header.....you can check it out here: