Sunday, April 29, 2012

spring kcwc day 6 - pajama pants

Just a couple pairs of pajama pants for day 6 of the kcwc.

Pajama pants

My kids have been asking for more pairs of flannel pajama pants for lounging around the house. They actually don't even wear them to sleep, just to play in. Nothing new or fancy here. Just the same pattern as these sweats, but without the modifications. I had the robot flannel fabric in my stash and once big C saw it, he demanded that I make him some comfy pants with it. As for lil C's pants, I have so many lovely AMH flannels in my stash and was hoping I could make her some pants with those. But lil C had found this duck fabric at the fabric shop a while back and immediately fixated on it. I bought it but tucked it away for bit, all the while showing her the AMH fabrics hoping she'll want them for her pj pants. But lil C always remembered the ducks and insisted on that fabric. So here they are.

Pajama pants

Ok, so maybe they actually are kind of cute. I think the thing that creeps me out though are the crazy eyebrows on these ducks! (or are they extreme eyelashes?..) 

Well, one more day of kcwc to go! What to make now..

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