Monday, April 22, 2013

KCW Spring 2013 - Day 1 - twirl skirt

So I kinda cheated and started my KCW sewing yesterday. But hey, at least I'm being honest about cheating, right? ;) I had a couple hours to myself and was itching to begin. And here's what I started with

2013-04-21 16.13.19 

This is the Twirl Skirt from lil blue boo which I also made for last year's KCWC (which has been in heavy wearing rotation throughout the year). It's just so simple to sew up and is perfect for upcycling knits and using up scraps. I'm not really sure why it's taken me a whole year to sew up another one.

2013-04-22 09.43.04 

2013-04-22 09.42.44 

I made this in the size 3-4T and cut into some of my smaller thrifted t-shirts/tanks I had stashed away. I love the apple print fabric which was from a size S tank top (pretty much used up the whole tank for this skirt), and the super soft pinstripe knit is from an XS Joe t-shirt (with just enough leftover for a doll dress perhaps..). 

2013-04-22 12.03.19

And since this skirt only took about 20 mins to cut out and sew up, I spent the rest of my hour+ tracing the pattern pieces for my next couple of projects..

melissa x

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  1. Hi Melissa: It has been quite sometime that I have seen your current work. Very very nice. Keep up the good work!