Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KCW Spring 2013 - Day 2 - raglan tee

The theme of this week's challenge for me seems to be 'basics' and trying to fill my kids' closets with clothes they will actually wear on a regular basis. I've been meaning to make some basic tees for my son for a while now (since that's about all he's willing to wear). So this is what I whipped up for Day 2:

Fieldtrip Raglan 

This is the Field Trip Raglan Tee from Oliver + S. I made the cargos already and big C loves them, so I thought I'd try the tee as well. I cut out the size 5 but lengthened both the body and arms to a size 7 (for my tall but super skinny guy). I used a thrifted Old Navy tee for the main body and some organic cotton jersey(?) I picked up at an Our Social Fabric sale last year (off the bolt for $2 a meter!!!) I love the colour combo and think this will definitely brighten up C's wardrobe :) 

Again, a super quick project made even quicker by using the existing t-shirt hem in the main body of the shirt, and just doing a simple overlock finish for the sleeves. (geez, can you say lazyyy? :))

Fieldtrip Raglan 

big C was not up for modeling this tee this morning, but lil C was more than happy to do it. Actually, she was hoping to claim the tee for herself but settled for just wearing it at home while her brother was out. Now she's demanding I make one for her too.

Fieldtrip Raglan

melissa x

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