Wednesday, May 4, 2011

fabric stash

Since I started sewing (again) about a year and a half ago, my fabric stash has, ahem, grown to quite a sizable collection. I started off storing my fabric in one suitcase, then I added two more suitcases, and now it has kind of taken over half of my dining room. It's a mix of new, designer fabrics, vintage (from my mom's own stash as well as from my thrifting adventures), and thrifted clothing and linens for my 'upcycled' creations.

I do find it a bit hard, however, to dip into my stash to actually sew something (gasp!) I'm always thinking "is this REALLY what I want to use this fabric for? Maybe I should save it for something even more perfect..." blah blah blah.. This is especially with my vintage stash of fabric, retro tablecloths, hankies... They just seem so precious!

So, I was pretty proud of myself when I finally decided to use two pieces from my stash to whip up these grocery tote bags

It's actually a reversible tote bag so I made two identical bags from just 2 yards of fabric. The floral print is Camelia Metal from Alexander Henry. The neutral side is a lovely subtle pinstripe linen blend (with a hint of metallic shimmer). The pattern is from Keyka Lou Patterns. Aside all the reinforcement stitching (and stitching and stitching - to make sure your groceries don't spill out of this lovely bag onto the sidewalk), this was a pretty easy and fun project. I can see this being a great go-to gift. Or maybe I'll just whip up a few more to store some of my fabric stash...

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  1. Nice grocery bags! And nice suitcases too, they would work well for yarn, yarn, yarn!