Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KCWC - Day 1

Was I being ambitious? Yes! A little delusional? Absolutely! Day 1 of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge did not go very well for me. Why? Well, for the first time in a while, I really just didn't feel like sewing. So last night, I spent my hour (and a bit) tracing and cutting out a couple patterns I wanted to use. The Dapper Dillinger Trousers for Big C, and the Tee for Two dress for lil C.

After cutting out the dress pattern, I realized that I actually didn't have any knit fabric that was big enough for the dress. I don't usually keep knits in my fabric stash, other than some old/thrifted t-shirts I thought might fun to upcycle. Unfortunately, the fabric from the t-shirts wasn't big enough for the dress. Sooo, the dress (and the t-shirts, and the Maya Skirt, and the Princess Leggings) has been put on hold until I get out to the fabric store.

I did find some navy cotton twill fabric to use for the Dillingers, and some fun Michael Miller 'cars and trucks' fabric for the contrast. I got the OK from Big C so I think that's what I'll go with for Day 2 tonight. As for the rest of my projects, I think I will dig through my fabric stash and let whatever I find there lead the way (I'm thinking there will be at least one dress for lil C made from that vintage sheet I bought a while back). Ok, enough chit chat. Off to sew now!

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